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Territorial Daughters of Colorado (TDC) is a non-profit organization that was established in 1910 to preserve and perpetuate the pioneer heritage of the State of Colorado.

To allow for more participation of our members, chapters were created around the state. TDC currently consists of four chapters (Denver, Southern, Western and Greeley) Each chapter organizes their own meeting schedules and projects. All chapters participate in the State organization.



We are a non-profit group that participates in numerous projects around the state to help preserve and perpetuate the pioneer heritage of Colorado.

Each Chapter has ongoing projects and participates in two State TDC projects each year. First project is the awarding of an academic scholarship to women studying history at a Colorado college or university (See Scholarship page).  Second State project is designated by the chapter hosting the annual state meeting. 

2019 State Project - was awarded to Yvonne Peterson with the Lower Valley Heritage Chapter to help preserve over 100 years of the Fruita Times newspapers. Yvonne is a member of the Western Chapter of Territorial Daughters.

State Newsletter


The State TDC organization publishes an annual  newsletter in April of each year that is mailed to all members in the four TDC chapters. Click the button below to view the current year's newsletter.

This Day in Colorado History
April 1

1870 - 1870 United States Census enumerates the population of the Territory of Colorado, later determined to be 39,864, an increase of 16% since the 1860 United States Census

April 4

1873 - Governor Samuel Hitt Elbert is appointed the sixth territorial governor.

April 9

1889- The State of Colorado creates Sedgwick County from a portion of Logan County.


April 13

1882 - Oscar Wilde visits Leadville and later writes, "They afterwards took me to a dancing saloon where I saw the only rational method of art criticism I have ever come across. Over the piano was printed a notice : — PLEASE DO NOT SHOOT THE PIANIST. HE IS DOING HIS BEST."

April 16

1874 - Alferd Packer arrives alone at the Los Pinos Indian Agency near Gunnison, Alferd Packer arrives at the Los Pinos Indian Agency in the Cochetopa Hills with no trace of his five companions. Upon questioning, Packer admits that he ate his companions.

April 18

1882 - Henry M. Teller becomes the first Coloradan to serve in the Cabinet of the United States as U.S. Secretary of the Interior as part of President Chester Arthur's cabinet.

April 23

1859 William Byers publishes the first edition of the Rocky Mountain News, the Rocky Mountain region's first newspaper, at Denver City. The Rocky Mountain News will be published until February 27, 2009. To learn more about William Byers see the Byers article in the Colorado Encyclopedia.

April 24

1867 -  Governor Alexander Cameron Hunt is appointed the fourth territorial governor.

Our Brochure


William N. Byers


Founder of the Rocky Mountain News in 1859.

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