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About Territorial Daughters of Colorado

Territorial Daughters of Colorado was established in 1910 to preserve and perpetuate the pioneer history of the State of Colorado. 
All members trace their direct ancestry to pioneers that resided in Colorado on or before August 1, 1876.




Membership in the organization shall be limited to women of eighteen years of age or older who are direct descendants by blood or adoption of individuals who were residents of the Territory that became the State of Colorado on or before  August 1, 1876; and who are accepted into TDC and remain in good standing.

State Board


President: Tamara Estes (Southern)

Vice-President: Bonnie Semro (Western)

Secretary: Judith Jergensen (Greeley)

Treasurer: Carla Hoffschneider (Denver)

State Executive Board: Denver: Kathie Bartee, Carla Hoffschneider, Pam Collins; Greeley: Judith Jergensen, Genevieve LeBlanc, vacant; Southern: Betsy Denney, Margaret Stiles Storm, Tamara Estes; Western: Bonnie Semro, JoAnn Sauvage, Kayren Goss

Non-Voting Board Members (unless Chapter Representative)

Newsletter Editor: Pam Collins

Webmaster: Tamara Estes

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